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Invitation to a 2 Day Carbon Training

Renewable Energy Ventures (K) Ltd., and Carbon Africa Limited in collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister, will hold a two - day training to clarify key issues and principles in the carbon market and provide participants with practical knowledge about developing and trading carbon credits as well as information regarding new climate finance mechanisms. To learn more, please visit .


Renewable Energy Ventures' "Solanterns Initiative" on CNN: Solar lanterns saving lives, lighting up Kenya


Renewable Energy Ventures (K) Ltd. CEO talks with CNBC Africa's Chris Bishop on the state of renewable energy in East Africa.


Renewable Energy Ventures (K) Ltd partners with USAID funded to provide lanterns to HIV/AIDs Afflicated peri - urban households.

REV, through its initiative, worked with funded program to deliver solar lanterns to 500 households in peri - urban Nairobi. The households were selected because the breadwinners were HIV positive and struggled to provide basic needs for their children. One such basic need is a daily ration of kerosene so the children can study in the evenings and with education, hopefully break the cycle of poverty. From conversations with the beneficiaries of this program, it is amazing to learn how valuable such a cost effective intervention is to the provider in terms of having some budget relief but also for the children who are now able to study longer without running out of kerosene or having their eyes exhausted from the kerosene fumes and the dull illumination.


"........... it should be a crime for us to subject our children to the fumes and pollution of kerosene lanterns as they do their homework......"

With Kenya's electrification rate at 18% according to KPLC, there are 32 million Kenyans that use among other sources, kerosene lanterns for their lighting needs. These lanterns are expensive, cause indoor air pollution and are a fire hazard. We believe that with solar lanterns being a mature and proven technology that is relatively cheaper than Kerosene over the life of the lanterns, that every household in Kenya should have a solar lantern. We have therefore set a goal of providing 1 million solar lanterns in Kenya alone to displace one million kerosene lanterns. To learn more about this initiative, please visit www.solanterns.com .

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