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Kenya plunged into a Nationwide power black out

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Kenya today was plunged into a nationwide black out. According to media reports, the MD of KPLC indicates that the black out is as a result of a technical fault at the at the Aggrekko power station in Embakasi. The fault resulting in overload to the supply line and consequently, brought down the system.

Aggrekko has recently worn tenders to supply over 140 MW of temporary power to meet shortage in power generation. The shortage has been attributed to growth in power demand as well as the decline in the hydro generation capacity due to a prolonged drought and climate change.

The last such black out was in May of 2008. The estimates to provide a control center that would permanently address this problem have been priced at $50M.

As we often tell our clients, any time one can generate energy for themselves using renewable energy sources, they are better placed to control their access, cost and reliability to power. The current default back up power are diesel generators.

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