Solar panel


Sun King Solar Lantern

The Sun King Solar Lantern is designed with the Kenyan consumer in mind. The lantern comes with its own solar panel, wiring and stand. The lamp itself uses LED lights which provide briliant lighting. The casing for the lamp is strong, durable and waterproof. You do not have to worry about droping it as it doesn't break. The solar panel has an aluminium housing so it is light, yet durable and rust resistant. The stand is light and well designed. Makes for a very fashionable light.
Whether you use the Sun King Lantern as a torch, a room light for areas without electricity or a back up light when there are black outs, the light quality, durability and aesthetics provide great value for your money. To learn more, please visit
Email us at for purchase or enquiries. 

Solar street and Outdoor Lighting

We at Renewable Energy Ventures (K) Ltd. understand how important it is to get reliable lighting that is itself safe from theft and is price competitive in todays market. We have identified and are working with a Solar outdoor lighting manufacturer with 30 years of experience in the solar outdoor lighting industry and that has over 30,000 lights installed in more than 60 countries. Our lights have 5 year system waranty and 25 year warranty on the solar panels.
The above 1 Quad Solar Flood Light is ideal for illuminating signs, monuments, up lighting, security lighting, perimeter fence security lighting remote buildings and other floodlight applications.
The above 2 Quad LED lighting is ideal for street lighting, intersections, parking lots, boat ramps, gates, perimeter security, parks, outside storage areas and other general lighting applications.


We help individuals and organizations design and implement solar electricity solutions to meet their needs. From identifying the right panels, inverters and batteries to sizing the system to maximize the return on the client's investment.
Solar electricity can be used as an alternate source of electricity for clients who are on the KPLC grid and are subjected to black outs. When the sun is shining and there are black outs, the client is able to continue operating. For those clients who want more energy security, we can also include a battery back up that ensures round the clock electricity with or without power from KPLC.
For hotels, lodges and hotels in off grid locations, solar energy is today, more competitive in price to most diesel installations. This is because the price of solar panels have fallen 40% or more in the last year, improved battery and inverter technology that enables better power access and storage from these panels and our experience in identifying the right size system for each client's needs.